Life is a Simple Mess

Artworks + music by Travassos – Texts by Nate Woley

64 PG + CD

Life is a Simple Mess presents us with an imaginary journey divided into three stages: “Life is Simple”, “Life is a Mess” and “Mish-Mash” where simple and complex forms co-exist in a natural and complementary way. Along the way the texts of Nate Wooley are giving clues and revelations for a possible interpretation of this symbiotic scenario between real-unreal.

“If a suggestion may be offered-use the work in these pages as many chances to live between the extremes: within the Mish-Mash. Do not allow the seeming precariousness of all the balanced elements hold you back. It is the combination of subtle, profane, mundane, irrational, and sympathetic in these images that represents the real life “glue” through which we hold ourselves together. We can appreciate the purely simple and the purely complex, but we absolutely must live and hear and see in the wonderful combination of its combinations. That’s where we learn to be human. Luckily, an artist like Travassos provides us with all we need to begin.” Nate Wooley.